Hi. I’m Howard, a content, comms, and creative guy in Atlanta. This is my space to indoctrinate you into my way of thinking, err, write about the things that cross my mind. I mean, just the word “indoctrinate,” I can’t even. But I digress.

I left Facebook years back because I was tired of the bickering and concerned about Meta’s privacy policies. I love Instagram (yes, I realize it’s Meta and that makes me a hypocrite, and I can live what that) but I don’t want to see feeds filled with memes that become a lite version of Facebook. I won’t do that to you via my own feed, either.

So I created this blog; I have things to say and when they gel into cohesive thoughts, I’ll say them here.

Here’s my pledge:

  • No profanity
  • Respect for different beliefs
  • Humility to call myself out and strive for improvement

We’ll see how I do. Rate any post and let me know how if you like what you see.